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KN95 or Surgical Face Mask: Which is the Best?

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woman in grey blouse wearing kn95 face mask

In New Zealand the experts recommend the KN95 face mask, or equivalent FFP2 face mask as being the best option, with disposable face masks coming in second. But both can have a place.

You may chose to buy some of each, to use at different times, depending on where you are and who you are with. Importantly, make sure you always keep a supply of face masks on hand.

FFP2 or KN95 face mask NZ

KN95 face masks are multi layered, and use a mechanical filter to block up to 95 per cent of harmful particles – hence the ‘95’ in its name.

FFP2 mask equivalent to KN95 face mask
ZOOM Pharmacy supplied quality FFP2 Face Mask meets the EUROPEAN respiratory standard. Class FFP2 NR. YDE2. Standard: EN 149:2001+A1:2009.

KN95 and the European equivalent FFP2 face masks can offer hours of protection when in high-risk indoor settings where there is no or little ventilation. Both have a very tight seal around the face, fitting snugly on all sides of your face.

You can keep a stock of them, wear them once, then set aside for four days before re-using.

Particular respirator face masks are manufactured and tested all over the world, but identified by which international standard they meet:

  • KN95 is the Chinese respiratory standard
  • FFP2 is the European respiratory standard
  • N95 is the United States respiratory standard
  • P2 is the Australia/New Zealand respiratory standard

KN95 face mask or disposable surgical face mask NZ?

These are a great, cost effective option behind the KN95 or FFP2 face mask. These are the ‘blue’ medical masks you see everywhere, but it can get confusing because “non-medical”, “medical” and “surgical” are all used to describe them – and they can all meet different standards.

ZOOM Pharmacy supplied quality Surgical Face Mask meets safety standard: EN14683 Type IIR. Get three layer security, with ear loops, and filter rating: BFE99+ hypoallergenic. 

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