20 Dec

Buy a Pulse Oximeter NZ from ZOOM Pharmacy

Buy a Pulse Oximeter NZ from the ZOOM Pharmacy and measure your blood oxygen saturation level, efficiently & accurately, at home. Great during COVID – but also for people with asthma – any time of the year.

Pulse oximeters in NZ are small devices that fit on your finger and provide a quick and easy way for you to measure and monitor your blood oxygen saturation levels and heart rate.

A pulse oximeter uses light beams in a sensor to estimate the amount of oxygen in your blood, (without having to take a blood sample) to track and assess how well your lungs are working.

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Pulse oximeter NZ top tips

1. What should my measurements be? 

Pulse oximeters provide two data points: SpO2 (oxygen saturation reading) and pulse rate. Confirm with your healthcare provider what your levels should be.

2. Battery & display

If a device has a low battery, it can produce an inaccurate reading. Be sure to purchase a pulse oximeter with a battery life indicator, and one that automatically switches off. An easy to read display is also useful.

3. Use in adults

Most pulse oximeters are designed for adult use. If the pulse oximeter is too loose while placed on a finger, it may be unable to obtain an accurate reading. Pediatric pulse oximeters are available for children or those with smaller fingers.

4. Remove nail polish, warm your hands

Nail polish can provide an inaccurate reading. so remove nail polish from the finger that will be used to take the reading. Your hands need to be warm as well.