Free Sachet Pack Service Delivered to your Door

Free Sachet Pack Service Delivered to your Door

Medicines delivered direct, repeats organised for you. If you're on four meds or more read about our FREE Sachet Pack Service on the SERVICES tab and get FREE prescriptions, sachet packing AND delivery! ZOOM Pharmacy is trusted and proven, proudly Kiwi owned and operated. Simply TELL YOUR MEDICAL CENTRE TO EMAIL OR FAX YOUR PRESCRIPTION TO ZOOM, OR YOU CAN FREEPOST/COURIER IT TO ZOOM YOURSELF. FreePhone 0508 966 622 now.

How ZOOM Works

1. Send your prescription

Ask your medical centre to send your prescription to ZOOM Pharmacy or FreePost it yourself

2. ZOOM confirms delivery address

ZOOM confirms your order with you

3. ZOOM delivers

ZOOM delivers in 1-2 working days nationwide

4. ZOOM organises your repeats

ZOOM helps organise your next repeat prescription for you

How to Send Us Your Prescription

TAP or HOVER OVER the images below to find out how

Get GP clinic to fax

Get GP clinic to fax

Option 1: Tell your medical centre to send your prescription to 'ZOOM Pharmacy'. Remember, it's your fundamental patient right to choose what pharmacy you use, not your medical centre's.

You send via your GP patient portal

You send via your GP patient portal

Option 2: In your patient portal select/enter 'ZOOM Pharmacy' when it asks for your chemist name. If you can't find ZOOM listed, simply call your medical centre and tell them to send it to ZOOM.

You freepost

You freepost

Option 3: FreePost or courier your prescription to ZOOM, allowing time for it to get here. See our address details in the CONTACT tab.


On Four Meds Or More?

Get FREE prescriptions, FREE sachet packing and FREE delivery to your door when you use the ZOOM Pharmacy Sachet Pack Service! Maybe you are currently using a…


My medical centre refused?

If for some reason your medical centre refuses or delays sending your prescription to ZOOM, gently remind them of the "Code of Health and Disability Services Consumers'…



How much will it cost me? FREE shipping for prescriptions with 3 or more medicines on them. For prescriptions with 1-2 medicines on them a $5 shipping…

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People Love ZOOM

Latest Comments

"Received thank you very much. Top marks 😊   The service is way better and stress free compared to my previous pharmacy."     9 Jul 2020
Top marks!
"No price on prescriptions, lovely people to talk to on phone, easy and not complicated to start the process, really happy and pleased to have discovered zoom."     5 Jul 2020
Free prescriptions
"Great Service and much better than my local Pharmacy."     5 Jul 2020
Great service
"Very prompt, efficient and professional service... amazing."     5 Jul 2020
Prompt & professional
"Just want to say THANK YOU. For the wonderful service. I wish I had known of it before.  My Doctor is so impressed she has added you to the directory in the practice."     3 Jul 2020
My doctor is so impressed
"Thank you very much for the excellent service you have provided dispensing, packing and delivering my medications. The meds sorted into sachets is just what I needed. They have been delivered to me so speedily I can hardly believe it. From Auckland to Mosgiel overnight! Thank you to the zoom team. I will be recommending to my friends."     1 Jul 2020
Speedy delivery
"It makes everything SO much easier. The reminders are much appreciated and getting them delivered for someone who travels for work, makes it perfect. I love it!"     28 Jun 2020
I love it!
"We have found Zoom's staff and the service you prove to be extremely efficient and great to deal with."     25 Jun 2020
Staff great to deal with
"You make the whole experience very easy and worry free."     21 Jun 2020
So easy and worry free
"You make it easy, i often miss getting repeats due my travel with my work, this takes care of that."     21 Jun 2020
Takes care of repeats
"We have been very well served by Zoom Pharmacy for the last 5 months and thank them for the free satchels and free delivery."     11 Jun 2020
Very well served
"Excellent organisation. Always reliable and ships out immediately. Highly recommended. Makes life a lot simpler.     14 Jun 2020
Excellent organisation always reliable
"For a first time user I was highly impressed with the service and ease of transition. Also love having my meds delivered to my door."     15 Jun 2020
I am highly impressed
"I know people that are on a lot of medication and there are always issues with cost, travel and being unable to open the blister packs. With Zoom those issues are removed."     14 Jun 2020
No cost or travel issues
"You have created impressive, comprehensive and cost effective services in a field that typically resists change with uncommon vigour. Well done You!"     15 Jun 2020
Well done ZOOM!
"This service changes my life! I have a husband with dementia and I cannot always leave him to go to a pharmacy."     7 Jun 2020
Your service changed my life
"Very easy and convenient also prompt in delivery thank you."     7 Jun 2020
Prompt delivery
"I don't have to go to the pharmacy - and very easy package - I don't have to carry all my medicines everywhere I go and I can just take the number of sachets I need."     7 Jun 2020
Sachet packs are so easy
"I like the packets havent forgotten any of my tablets since I started the packets."     30 May 2020
I don’t forget anymore
"Medicines re-ordered and delivered before I have to worry about running out."     30 May 2020
No more running out of meds

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