Free Sachet Pack Service, Delivered!

Free Sachet Pack Service, Delivered!

ZOOM Pharmacy is proudly Kiwi. Get your meds delivered direct, and repeats organised for you. ZOOM's "world class" customer service and care is second to none. Use your patient portal (eg ManageMyHealth, Health365, ConnectMed) or tell your medical centre to send us your prescription, or you can FreePost it yourself. Check out our FREE Sachet Pack Service on the SERVICES tab. Call us now on 0508 966 622.

How ZOOM Works

Send your prescription

Use your patient portal or tell your medical centre to send us your prescription, or you can FreePost it yourself

ZOOM confirms your order

ZOOM confirms your order with you

ZOOM delivers

ZOOM delivers in 1-2 working days nationwide

ZOOM organises your repeats

ZOOM helps organise your next new repeat prescription for you


FREE Sachet Pack Service

On four meds or more? Get FREE prescriptions, FREE sachet packing and FREE delivery to your door, when you use our Sachet Pack Service. Call ZOOM to…


My medical centre refuses?

If your medical centre refuses, delays, or makes it difficult sending your prescription to ZOOM, or automatically directs it to another pharmacy instead without your permission, gently…



How much will it cost me? FREE shipping for prescriptions with 3 or more medicines on them. For prescriptions with 1-2 medicines on them a $5 shipping…

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People Love ZOOM

Latest Comments

"Zoom has removed all the stress I would have in organising my husbands medications as he is very sick and cannot be left alone. You are angels, my lifesavers." Age 83 [Sept 2020]
You are angels, my lifesavers
"Saves me time waiting in line at the pharmacy and very affordable." Age 30 [Sept 2020]
No more waiting in line
'I have been getting my medications from Zoom for awhile and found it awesome." Age 78 [Sept 2020]
"So easy to use and I don't have to worry about anything." Age 63 [Sept 2020]
So easy to use
"The ease of starting the service. It was professionally managed, accurate, and procedures were seamless. The sachets are so much easier to open than the blister packs. The phone contact I with Zoom customer personnel was friendly and helpful." Age 76 [Sept 2020]
Professionally managed & seamless
"Zoom provide an excellent service and the sachet packs take the guess work out of sorting medications." Age 63 [Sept 2020]
Sachet packs take guess work out
"Living in a rural area I love the effortless process of getting and renewing my meds." Age 76 [Sept 2020]
Effortless for rural people
"ZOOM Pharmacy is very easy to use and provides an excellent service." Age 76 [Sept 2020]
Easy to use
"Honestly the amount of pills I take each day which took so much time and the stress of it and with the easy packs wow its best thing since the motor car." Age 52 [Sept 2020]
Best thing since the motor car
"Friendly and organised, the prices are great and delivered to your door." Age 56 [Sept 2020]
Great prices & delivered
"A wonderful service for an older person like myself and kind and helpful people when contact is required."     6 Sept 2020
Kind & helpful people
"Everything made easy. If you have any questions they are dealt with straight away."     6 Sept 2020
Questions answered straight away
"I don't have to worry about going to get my repeats at a pharmacy, they get delivered automatically."      6 Sept 2020
Repeats delivered automatically
"Your service is invaluable to me, as I have to cope with a sick husband getting out is not easy, but the service you provide takes all the pressure off me."     6 Sept 2020
Your service is invaluable to me
"I love the service packaging and communication when my meds are on their way."     6 Sept 2020
Packaging & delivery comms great
"This was a huge weight lifted off of me as a essential worker with a family. Life is busy enough as is."     6 Sept 2020
Huge weight lifted off
"Courier has just delivered my Zoom packaged prescriptions - very informative and well presented, I am very impressed - thank you very much for such great service!"     3 Sept 2020
Very impressed
I'd like to thank those who prepared my medication and have sent to me with days to spare. I am so happy that Zoom gets all my medication organised and sorted for me, I can relax and not worry knowing that Zoom has done all the work for me. Zoom Pharmacy thank you very much, and enjoy your day, like I am 👋😊👍     3 Sept 2020
Zoom does all the work for me
"Very easy... can avoid going to pharmacies in lockdowns... and the repeats being organised for me has been a bonus that I didn't anticipate."     30 Aug 2020
Organising repeats an added bonus
"I just love dealing with the friendly, helpful staff and such good and reliable service."     30 Aug 2020
Helpful & reliable

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