Prescription Medicine Delivery. Free Services!

Prescription Medicine Delivery. Free Services!

ZOOM Pharmacy provides personalised care, specific to you. Our customer care and service is second to none. Get prescription medicine delivery to your door, repeats sorted for you. Get FREE prescriptions, packing & delivery! Find out more about our FREE services on the SERVICES tab.

How ZOOM Works

Send your prescription

Send ZOOM your prescription via your patient portal, tell your medical centre to send it, upload it, or freepost/courier it

ZOOM confirms your order

ZOOM confirms your order with you

ZOOM delivers

ZOOM delivers in 1-2 working days, to anywhere in New Zealand

ZOOM organises your repeats

ZOOM helps organise your next new repeat prescription for you


FREE Services!

On four meds or more? Get FREE prescriptions,* packing & delivery, anywhere in New Zealand!…


My medical centre refuses?

If your medical centre refuses or delays sending your prescription to ZOOM, or directs it…



Get started! It's easy to send your prescription to ZOOM - simply choose which way…

People Love ZOOM

"Absolute convenience, ease of use and worry-free delivery." Age 67 [Jun 2021]
Absolute convenience
    "First time in New Zealand, I have seen a prompt and quality service by a pharmacy." Age 71 [Jun 2021]
    Quality pharmacy service
      "Since my stroke getting out and about lots harder. Zoom has been a real godsend. Best decision ever!!!" Age 59 [Jun 2021]
      Best decision ever!!!
        “This is a truly wonderful service I never forget to re-order my medications. It’s a great service for people on multiple medications or families with family members on multiple medications.” Age 49 [Jun 2021]
        a truly wonderful service
          "Thankyou very much for your wonderful service and friendliness. We received our medications yesterday and are very thrilled as it  will make a difference for us both." Age 71 [Jun 2021]
          You make a difference
            "I have recommended Zoom to family & friends." Age 82 [May 2021]
            Recommended to friends
              "Fast, efficient and economical." Age 66 [May 2021]
              Fast & economical
                "Am very delighted with my decision to go with Zoom. My 1st refill arrived last week, and it is great to not have to go to our pharmacy, ask for the refill and wait for them to be done, or go back later in the day. Also, I don't need to fill my "pill holder" every week. Such a good service. Thanks again." Age 75 [May 2021]
                Such a good service
                  "Thank you Zoom you are the best  😊 " Age 79 [May 2021]
                  You’re the best
                    "...What a fabulous service.... The staff are super efficient and nice. My package arrived and believe me, my medications are not easy to work out, all odd bits and pieces, but it was all done perfectly just tear it off the roll. I was so pleased I didn’t have to queue up and wait for ages and then go home and spend hours sorting all my daily doses out, it all just arrived at my door like magic.."  Age 73 [May 2021]  
                    Arrived at my door like magic
                      "Because it's easy and convenient to have my scripts sent directly to Zoom, then sent from Zoom to my selected address." Age 66 [May 2021]
                      Easy & convenient
                        "Living rural, so getting them sent to me is alot easier." Age 46 [May 2021]
                        Living rural
                          "Good service. Just do nothing and the meds arrive. Simply magical. Age 71 [May 2021]
                          Simply magical
                            "Thank you zoom pharmacy. My medication arrived today and everything was so beautifully packaged and presented. Clear instructions and the med packs are going to save me time. Great service and I heard about it by listening to talk back." Age 55 [May 2021]
                            Heard about ZOOM on talkback
                              "Trustworthy and kindly service." Age 67 [May 2021]
                              Trustworthy & kind
                                "Great service, excellent communication, staff always check when there is a change in the prescription." Age 64 [May 2021]
                                Excellent communication
                                  "Because I take multiple meds, the cost ie free is hard to beat." Age 62 [May 2021]
                                    "Excellent service, exceptional delivery & pre-packaged & labeled appropriately! Gives me & my parents 'peace of mind'." [May 2021]
                                    Gives my parents peace of mind
                                      "I’m terrible at remembering to take my meds, and you guys make it so much easier." Age 54 [May 2021]
                                      You guys make it easier
                                        "I’m assured of medication accuracy (frequency, dosage etc), supply/delivery on schedule, easy sequential dispensing." Age 54 [May 2021]
                                        Supply & delivery on schedule

                                          Upload your prescription

                                          Take a photo of your prescription and securely upload to ZOOM Pharmacy