Prescription Medicine Delivery. Free Services!

Prescription Medicine Delivery. Free Services!

It's all about you. ZOOM Pharmacy provides personalised care, specific to you. Get prescription medicine delivery to your door and repeats sorted for you. ZOOM's customer care and service is second to none. Find out more about the FREE Sachet Pack Service on the SERVICES tab.

How ZOOM Works

Send your prescription

Send ZOOM your prescription via your patient portal, or tell your medical centre to send it, or freepost/courier it yourself

ZOOM confirms your order

ZOOM confirms your order with you

ZOOM delivers

ZOOM delivers in 1-2 working days nationwide

ZOOM organises your repeats

ZOOM helps organise your next new repeat prescription for you


FREE Sachet Pack Service

ZOOM Pharmacy provides personalised care, specific to you ZOOM can also help you manage your…


My medical centre refuses?

If your medical centre refuses or delays sending your prescription to ZOOM, or directs it…



How much will it cost me? FREE shipping for prescriptions with 3 or more medicines…

People Love ZOOM

"I have a lot of medication I take and zoom has been super helpful." Age 25 [Jan 2021]
Super helpful
"I am care giver for my father [age 83] and working full time. The system allows you to manage medication on the go and is easy to use for my father." [Jan 2021]
Easy to manage for dad
"Excellent service - better than I have ever had from any pharmacy." Age 79 [Jan 2021]
Best pharmacy service ever
"Superb service; we cannot fault it. As an RN [registered nurse], I have dealt with many pharmacies over many years for my patients and now I am on the receiving end myself and I think they are absolutely fantastic. No mistakes! Wow!" Age 61 [Dec 2020]
"Zoom makes thing so much easier, the reminders the delivery to your door everything is easier and cheaper." Age 56 [Dec 2020]
Easier and cheaper
"Really appreciate everything everyone does at zoom, the sachet packs and proactive follow up from zoom has helped me stick to the correct doses at the correct time better than I ever have in the past." Age 46 [Dec 2020]
Right dose at the right time
"Thanks heaps! P.S – love the service and the system you guys have – telling everyone I know they need to get on board with you!" Age 55 [Dec 2020]
Get on board!
"Great customer service over the phone when ive needed to call, and fast delivery times." Age 39 [Dec 2020]
Fast delivery
"Great prices for the medicines I pay extra for." Age 53 [Dec 2020]
Great prices
"Thank you so much! Zoom has been a wonderful asset this year, I am so grateful for your service!" Age 55 [Dec 2020]
Wonderful asset this year
"As a 92 year old Zoom gives me peace of mind re sorting my meds each Saturday and delivery makes one less outing." Age 92 [Dec 2020]
Peace of Mind
"Thank you Zoom staff for all the hard work that you have done to make life easy for me, my appreciation to all, very Happy and joyful Merry 🎄 🎊🎉💐👍 " Age 75 [Dec 2020]
made life easy for me
"The service and communication from Zoom is 5 Star plus." Age 60 [Dec 2020]
5 Star Plus
"So easy to deal with and with the pills packaged up with the date, morning and afternoon...= easy." Age 60 [Nov 2020]
Sachet packs = easy
"I have been telling heaps of people about your wonderful service." Age 70 [Nov 2020]
Told heaps of people!
"Prescriptions are in great sachet packs, arrive quickly, no charge and repeats are sent by due date." Age 84 [Nov 2020]  
Great sachet packs, no charge
"I love not having to wait in line at a chemist to hand script in then having to kill time waiting for my meds." Age 70 [Nov 2020]
Don’t need to wait in line
"As you age medication becomes more complex. Zoom takes away any worries or mistakes." Age 75 [Nov 2020]
No more worries or mistakes
"Very helpful for my repeat meds and fantastic service each month." Age 71 [Nov 2020]
Fantastic service
"zoom is reliable and a breeze to use." Age 70 [Nov 2020]
A breeze to use