Medicines made easy

Medicines made easy

Medicines delivered direct, repeats organised for you. On four meds or more? Get FREE prescriptions, FREE sachet packs and FREE delivery! Check out our SERVICES menu tab or FreePhone 0508 966 622 to find out more.

How ZOOM Works

1. Send your prescription to ZOOM Pharmacy

Send your prescription to ZOOM Pharmacy

2. Confirm your delivery address & pay any prescription or shipping fees that may apply

Confirm your delivery address & pay any prescription or shipping fees that may apply

3. Your medicines arrive in 1 – 2 working days

Your medicines arrive in 1-2 working days, ZOOM deliver nationwide including rural

4. Before you run out, ZOOM organises all your repeats for you, so you don’t have to

Before you run out, ZOOM organises all your repeats for you, so you don’t have to

Get Started NOW!

TAP or HOVER OVER the options below to find the easiest way for you to get your script to ZOOM

Get GP clinic to fax

Get GP clinic to fax

Option 1: When you speak to your medical centre, ask them to fax your prescription to ZOOM Pharmacy

You send via your GP patient portal

You send via your GP patient portal

Option 2: When you use your patient portal to organise repeats, select the "Chemist/Pharmacy Name" option and type in “ZOOM Pharmacy”

You freepost

You freepost

Option 3: If you already have a prescription, pop it in a plain envelope (no stamp required) and FreePost it to ZOOM


ZOOM Pharmacy Services

FREE medicine sachet pack service. Are you on four meds or more? Get FREE prescriptions* FREE sachet packing and FREE delivery! Maybe you are currently…



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Pharmacy Team

We're here to help. Talk with a ZOOM pharmacist at a time that suits you without having to stand in queue or have other people…

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People Love ZOOM

Latest Comments

"The way my Meds are presented in the Sachet Packs certainly makes it a lot easier for me to sort out my own medications each day. Suffice it to say I am definitely a 'Zoom Fan'. In fact I have already taken (at least for me) the unprecedented step of recommending Zoom to some acquaintances of mine. Thank you for your help"     16 Jan 2020
Sachet Packs make it easier for me
"Zoom is just so handy & the customer service is amazing."     12 Jan 2020
Amazing customer service
"I really like the convenience as the pharmacy closest to my doctor frequently doesn't have all the items I need and its a nuisance to have to go back there to collect these later."     12 Jan 2020
ZOOM stocks all my meds
"I have disabilities and it's just so great not to have to worry about repeat prescriptions and delivery is so fantastic if I can't get to my pharmacy when I'm physically unable it means a lot to me."     5 January 2020
Have disabilities, so delivery is fantastic
"They always take your interest at heart and walk an extra mile if needed. Thank you Zoom team, you guys are great. I can highly recommend Zoom pharmacy to anyone. 👍 "     31 Dec 2019
Highly recommend to anyone
"Staff are so good if you need info about anything."     29 Dec 2019
Excellent staff
"Ive already been telling people about it, because it is so easy to use and the packets are so easy to open for the elderly."    29 Dec 2019
Sachet packs so easy to open
"Fast and hassle free. Love using zoom pharmacy because I’m so busy, this makes my life so much easier. Thank you for bringing this great service to my life."     29 Dec 2019
Great service to my life
"ZOOM is just easy to use and navigate. Hassle free and low cost if any!"    29 December 2019
Hassle free & low cost if any!
"Quite possibly the easiest and most efficient way to get repeat prescription medicine sent to me! No fuss having to go into the doctors and then to the pharmacy!    22 Dec 2019
No more fuss getting my repeats!
"I'm really happy with the sachet [pack] service, I would like all future prescriptions to be sent this way. Many thanks for your help as always"    22 Dec 2019
Really happy with sachet pack service
"So easy esp for rural people!"    22 Dec 2019
Great for rural people
"Convenience of being able to get a repeat [without] forking out $50 to see a doctor."    15 Dec 2019
Saves me money organising repeats
"Love everything about Zoom!! Convenient, affordable and excellent customer service!"    15 Dec 2019
Love everything about ZOOM!
"Its great that there is a more affordable place to get medicines. Quick and very helpful pharmacy to deal with."    15 Dec 2019
More affordable place to get meds
"The whole experience of going Zoomy has been excellent."    8 Dec 2019
Whole experience excellent
"They walk the extra mile when I needed them most."    8 Dec 2019
ZOOM walk the extra mile
"Very organised and onto it....prescription done and all I had to was pay for it and then wait for it to service!!!!" 8 Dec 2019
Top service!
"Faultless service and efficient, so glad I found ZOOM. Has made my life so much easier."    8 Dec 2019
Made life so much easier
"The sachet pack delivery has arrived! I am staggered by what I have seen. It is very, very impressive. I think it is great."    5 Dec 2019
Sachet pack very, very impressive

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