Prescription Medicine Delivery. Free Prescriptions!

Prescription Medicine Delivery. Free Prescriptions!

Get FREE* prescriptions! ZOOM Pharmacy provides personalised care - our customer care and service is second to none. Get prescription medicine delivery to your door, repeats sorted for you. Find out more about our FREE services on the SERVICES tab.

How ZOOM Works

Send your prescription

Send ZOOM your prescription via your patient portal, tell your medical centre to send it, upload it, or freepost/courier it

ZOOM confirms your order

ZOOM confirms your order with you

ZOOM delivers

ZOOM delivers in 1-2 working days, to anywhere in New Zealand

ZOOM organises your repeats

ZOOM helps organise your next new repeat prescription for you


FREE Services!

On four meds or more? Get FREE* prescriptions, packing and delivery - to anywhere in…


My medical centre refuses?

If your medical centre refuses or delays sending your prescription to ZOOM, or directs it…



Get started! It's easy to send your prescription to ZOOM - simply choose which way…

Why People Love ZOOM

"Very professional and unbelievably easy, I'm a shocker for forgetting to take my pills, but the organized sachets makes it less likely, and easy to check too. Also great for travel, just take what you need plus some extras for whatever emergency." Age 54 [Jul 2021]
Very professional unbelievably easy
    "Just not sure why I didn't [start with ZOOM] earlier." Age 40 [Jul 2021]
    Should have started earlier
      "Thanks for giving a hand with my medication it's been a huge benefit for me. Awesome." Age 54 [Jul 2021]  
      Huge benefit for me
        "Delivery is fast and the free sachet service is brilliant." Age 48 [Jul 2021]
        Fast delivery
          "The service we have received has been extraordinarily good, efficient and pleasant." Age 76 [Jul 2021]
          Extraordinarily good
            "I’ve passed the word out about you guys, they will be in touch soon as they’re very excited of your company and are definitely coming your way. I am so thrilled you advertised on Magic Talk otherwise I wouldn’t have known, just like them! Thank you dearly for looking after us Kiwis… you are the awesome ones." Age 61 [Jul 2021]
            Looking after kiwis
              "Thank you for all your reminders and wonderful quick service. I am very happy with how organised I am with your help." Age 71 [Jul 2021]
              wonderful quick service
                "Medicine packed correctly and easy to use. Already got a few family/friends to use it." Age 57 [Jul 2021]
                family / friends now using it
                  "I live far away from my old doctor due to being a student and this makes receiving my medication so easy." Age 18 [Jul 2021]
                  Makes it so easy
                    "Medication packed, no running to the chemist because of 1 separate pill. Convenience of zoom is definitely a huge bonus." Age 66 [Jul 2021]
                    Convenience a huge bonus
                      "Great service and very convenient." Age 52 [Jul 2021]
                      Great service
                        "Firstly I’m so pleased with your service and looking after my daily meds for me, thank you. No idea how I coped without you all. I see my doctor every three months so a new script will be heading to you very soon." Age 71 [Jul 2021]
                        So pleased with your service
                          "I was looking for a new option after my local pharmacy failed in its customer service. I was very impressed by Zoom's quick and friendly service." Age 52 [Jul 2021]
                          Very impressed
                            "Just wanted to say thank you for such prompt service. My meds arrived bang on time as promised. Gentlemen I spoke to was lovely to deal with also. Wish I had made the change years ago!" Age 56 [Jul 2021]
                            I made the change!
                              "Great communication, reliable service, zero cost." Age 77 [Jun 2021]
                              Great communication
                                "Very easy to deal with the staff who rang. Quick and efficient service. Very impressed." Age 67 [Jun 2021]
                                Quick & efficient
                                  "They take care of everything, no hassle." Age 55 [Jun 2021]
                                  Take care of everything
                                    "Convenience. I live in the country so don't need to travel to pick up meds." Age 53 [Jun 2021]
                                    I live in the country
                                      "I am new to this service and love it. Zoom has made me feel "wrapped around" with their support and service. It is so much easier having meds sorted for me lol I cant make mistakes." Age 65 [Jun 2021]
                                      Wrap around support & service
                                        "Talking to the pharmacist was great about my medication, I get free delivery and the sachets are very convenient." Age 60 [Jun 2021]
                                        Great talking to the pharmacist

                                          Upload your prescription

                                          Take a photo of your prescription and securely upload to ZOOM Pharmacy