Medicine delivery to your doorstep

Medicine delivery to your doorstep

Medicine delivery service direct to your door. Repeats organised for you. We remain open during lockdown. Simply TELL YOUR MEDICAL CENTRE TO EMAIL OR FAX YOUR PRESCRIPTION TO ZOOM. See the FAQ tab for answers to common questions. FreePhone 0508 966 622 to find out more.

How ZOOM Works

1. Send your prescription

Ask your medical centre to send your prescription to ZOOM Pharmacy

2. ZOOM confirms delivery address

ZOOM confirms your delivery address with you

3. ZOOM delivers

ZOOM delivers in 1-2 working days nationwide

4. ZOOM organises your repeats

ZOOM then helps organise your repeats for you

How to Send Us Your Prescription

TAP or HOVER OVER the doctor or computer image below to find out how

Get GP clinic to fax

Get GP clinic to fax

Option 1: Tell your medical centre to send your prescription to us. They can EMAIL or FAX it to us. They MUST INCLUDE your mobile number AND delivery address on your prescription.

You send via your GP patient portal

You send via your GP patient portal

Option 2: In your patient portal select 'ZOOM Pharmacy' or enter 'ZOOM Pharmacy' when it asks for your chemist/pharmacy name. Ensure your mobile number AND delivery address details are correct.

You freepost

You freepost

Option 3: NOT RECOMMENDED during COVID-19 lockdown. Do NOT FreePost or Courier your prescription to ZOOM. Get your medical centre to EMAIL or FAX your prescription instead.


Delivery To Your Door

Medicines delivered, repeats sorted for you. Are you on four meds or more? Get FREE prescriptions, FREE sachet packing and FREE delivery to your doorstep!…



How much will it cost me? FREE shipping for prescriptions with 3 or more medicines on them. For prescriptions with 1-2 medicines on them a…


Pharmacy Team

Don't go out and stand in a queue. Get your medicines delivered direct to your doorstep by ZOOM Pharmacy. You get to talk to a…

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People Love ZOOM

Latest Comments

"Thank you very much excellent service med received early this morning ZOOM ROCKS BLESS YOU ALL..."     2 Apr 2020
ZOOM Rocks Bless you all
"Medicine package arrived by courier this morning.  Wonderful service and wonderful packaging.  Thank you all.   Stay safe and take care….until next time."     2 Apr 2020
Medicines arrived by courier this morning
"Have used Zoom for the first time and was very impressed with everything and how helpful the people I spoke to were. I have recommended to other people."     28 Mar 2020
Impressed with everything
"Lovely way to be able to get it straight delivered to my address no hassle and stress free."     22 Mar 2020
Delivered direct, stress free
"So handy for mothers with children that can't just run into a pharmacy to collect medicine. Also when you're sick or children are sick the last thing you want to do is walk/drive around."     8 Mar 2020
No need to go into a pharmacy
"I have been telling friends and neighbours about your service."     8 Mar 2020
Recommending to friends & neighbours
"Its super easy and saves so much time and money."     8 Mar 2020
Saves time and money
"I use Zoom to organise and deliver my father's medication to his home in Dunedin. He thinks the sachet packs are simply amazing, we are both so grateful for this great service you offer."     1 Mar 2020
My elderly father thinks ZOOM is amazing
"Fantastic overall service. Time taken with me when I am badly organised with my meds way above and beyond the usual. I am so grateful."     1 Mar 2020
Fantastic service, I’m so grateful
"It's convenient and you guys really go the extra mile, which you don't have to, but you do anyway!     23 Feb 2020
ZOOM go the extra mile
"I organised Zoom for my elderly parents. Amazing service."     23 Feb 2020
Amazing for my elderly parents
"With the number of prescriptions I have I've had trouble affording to pick them [up]. Now I get them delivered and packaged into daily sachets for free. It's amazing."     16 Feb 2020
Packed into sachets for free
"Quick, great prices, easy, great to be able to talk to a pharmacist."     16 Feb 2020
Great to talk to a pharmacist
"Organising repeats without me needing to do anything"     16 Feb 2020
Repeats organised for me
"[The ZOOM medicine sachet pack service is] saving me $220 a year."     10 Feb 2020
ZOOM is saving me $220 a year
"Hassle free, quick, well priced and the packaging into daily use prepacks [sachet packs]."     9 Feb 2020
Hassle free
"Sachet packs are brilliant 😀 No more counting and sorting for me! Just tear the sachet off, tear it open and take the meds at the time on the sachet! Great innovation Zoom 🏅👍"     5 Feb 2020
Sachet packs are brilliant!
"It’s so convenient, I don’t run out any more because I have to remember on time, or take time off work to pick up."    2 Feb 2020
I don’t run out anymore
"Great customer service, great follow up after receiving medication, loved getting it straight to my door."     26 Jan 2020
Love getting it straight to my door
"So easy to use and fast delivery with no freight charge :) "     26 Jan 2020
Fast delivery and so easy to use

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