Medicines made easy

Medicines made easy

Prescription meds delivered direct to your door, repeats organised for you. No more queuing at pharmacy, no more running out of meds.

How ZOOM Works

1. Send your prescription to ZOOM Pharmacy

Send your prescription to ZOOM Pharmacy

2. Confirm your delivery address & pay any prescription or shipping fees that may apply

Confirm your delivery address & pay any prescription or shipping fees that may apply

3. Your medicines arrive in 1 – 2 working days

Your medicines arrive in 1-2 working days, ZOOM deliver nationwide including rural

4. Before you run out, ZOOM organises all your repeats for you, so you don’t have to

Before you run out, ZOOM organises all your repeats for you, so you don’t have to

Get Started NOW!

CHOOSE ONE of the following ways to send us your prescription

Get GP clinic to fax

Get GP clinic to fax

Option 1: When you speak to your medical centre, ask them to fax your prescription to ZOOM Pharmacy

You send via your GP patient portal

You send via your GP patient portal

Option 2: When you use your patient portal to organise repeats, select the "Chemist/Pharmacy Name" option and type in “ZOOM Pharmacy”

You freepost

You freepost

Option 3: If you already have a prescription, pop it in a plain envelope (no stamp required) and FreePost it to ZOOM

You email + freepost

You email + freepost

Option 4: If you already have a prescription, email a photo of it to ZOOM so we can get your order underway. You will still need to FreePost your original prescription to ZOOM before we dispatch

Download the app

Download the app

Option 5: Download the ZOOM Pharmacy app now to check out how it works

Get Started NOW - Watch the video


Pharmacy Team

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People Love ZOOM

Latest Comments

"The whole experience of going Zoomy has been excellent."    8 Dec 2019
Whole experience excellent
"They walk the extra mile when I needed them most."    8 Dec 2019
ZOOM walk the extra mile
"Very organised and onto it....prescription done and all I had to was pay for it and then wait for it to service!!!!" 8 Dec 2019
Top service!
"Faultless service and efficient, so glad I found ZOOM. Has made my life so much easier."    8 Dec 2019
Made life so much easier
"The sachet pack delivery has arrived! I am staggered by what I have seen. It is very, very impressive. I think it is great."    5 Dec 2019
Sachet pack very, very impressive
"Awesome service and easy to deal with. I recommend Zoom to anyone that has to take medication regularly. Competitive prices and kind staff."    1 Dec 2019
Recommend to anyone on regular meds
"Excellent friendly courtesy from pharmacist."    1 Dec 2019
Excellent pharmacist
"Love that everything is done for me and I don't have to think."    1 Dec 2019
Everything is done for me
"I find this service incredibly convenient." 27 Nov 2019
Incredibly convenient
"Gotta say I have just started using Zoom. Within half an hour of them getting my script ZOOM phoned me to get my script sorted, and it was blistered [sachet] packed free of charge and then delivered to me. Amazing service, and will be using them again." 26 Nov 2019
Blister/sachet packed free of charge
What ZOOM services do I find most valuable? "Supplying them in a prepacked blister [sachet] pack ready to go!!!" 24 Nov 2019
Prepacked sachet pack ready to go!
"It is so easy and the staff are so nice and friendly and helpful." 24 Nov 2019
Staff so friendly and helpful
"So good with information with medicines and ensures I have repeats before I run out." 24 Nov 2019
Get repeats before I run out
"Fast turn around, from GP to my door. The information given is important." 24 Nov 2019
Fast turnaround
"Zoom has made our life so much easier especially for my dad who has terminal cancer. Fast and friendly service." 17 Nov 2019
Life much easier especially for dad
“Sachet packaging is next level! No more counting, sorting, cutting of meds. My son can manage his meds when he is away from me, I don't need to write essays about what to take & when, takes the worry away from carers. Seriously life changing!”    15 Nov 2019
Sachet packs are life changing
"Living in a rural area makes it great for us to get meds delivered, also I don't drive. Having meds sent out before you even run out is great." 13 Nov 2019
Meds delivered rural
"Using Zoom has a convenience factor that cannot be matched by traditional medicine resupply method." 11 Nov 2019
Convenience factor cannot be matched
"Due to mobility problems, Zoom is a God send. This service makes my life so much easier!" 11 Nov 2019
Zoom is a God send
"Great prompt follow up service, information on my meds, direct contact from pharmacist which is something I have not experienced before. Overall your service is outstanding from start to delivery of order. Thank you soo very much."    7 Nov 2019
Overall service is outstanding

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