A life changing monthly medicines service

A life changing monthly medicines service

FREE* monthly medicines service! Our customer care and service is world class. Get prescription medicine delivery to your door, anywhere in New Zealand. Find out more about our FREE* services on the SERVICES tab.

How ZOOM Works

Send your prescription

Tell your medical centre or patient portal to send your prescription to ZOOM Pharmacy

ZOOM confirms your order

ZOOM confirms your order with you

ZOOM delivers

Your order is delivered to your door, anywhere in New Zealand

ZOOM organises your repeats

ZOOM will remind you when it's time to get your next new prescription


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How to send ZOOM your prescription

It's easy to send ZOOM your prescription! Tell your medical centre to send it: FAX…

Why People Love ZOOM

"Just to confirm I have received my first medications from you. Wrapped up well and so organized. A big thank you for the seamless transition to your pharmacy. !!! " Age 55 [Dec 2021]
Seamless transition to ZOOM
    "You do a grand job." Age 71 [Nov 2021]
    You do a grand job
      "After sorting my meds for 45 years I no longer have that boring job to do every two weeks." Age 74 [Nov 2021]
      No more sorting pills
        "I use this for my 92 year old mother. The amazing service you receive when you call up, literally everything about zoom! The ease of having everything sent the house, all the doses are ready and packaged, the everything!!! I couldn't talk more highly about them." Daughter's feedback [Nov 2021]
          "This is just the most efficient service I have ever come across and the packaging is so well done." Age 59 [Nov 2021]
          Packaging so well done
            "This saves me $50 every 3 months, and has taken all the hassle out of getting prescription medicine and taking a large number of medicines." Age 60 [Nov 2021]
            Saves me $50 every 3 months
              "Nice and easy, fast and discreet." Age 42 [Nov 2021]
                "Love everything about Zoom, so informative, helpful and no charges after years of paying for scripts." Age 72 [Nov 2021]
                No charges
                  "Zoom have made everything so easy. LOVE LOVE LOVE the little packets. So quick in the morning." Age 61 [Nov 2021]
                  Love the little packets
                    "Zoom has the recipe absolutely right. So friendly, so helpful 10 out of 10." Age 74 [Nov 2021]
                    10 out of 10
                      "Zoom is marvelous, I highly recommend to everyone, especially my older friends, who come to think of it all use zoom now. I even introduced zoom to my town's hospital pharmacist." Age 75 [Nov 2021]
                      My friends all use zoom now
                        "It's just so easy and convenient and so much cheaper for medication that isn't funded." Age 31 [Nov 2021]
                        unfunded medicines cheaper
                          "Hassle free and I find Zoom staff more proactive in spotting irregularities with a script than our local pharmacy." Age 50 [Oct 2021]
                          proactive service
                            "All dealings with Zoom Pharmacy have been better than most experiences I ever had dealing with other businesses." Age 85 [Oct 2021]
                            Very good to deal with
                              "You guys are so great I could not fault you in anyway. Every person I have dealt with from Zoom is beyond lovely and accommodating." Age 29 [Oct 2021]
                              Lovely & accommodating
                                "I recommend Zoom all the time to people. As a practice nurse I see people unhappy with our local service and suggest they try Zoom." Age 64 [Oct 2021]
                                Practice nurse recommends
                                  "After my operations and I was unable to drive for fourteen weeks it was great to know that I was still able to have my medication on time without having to ask someone to collect it for me. Total convenience." Age 66 [Oct 2021]
                                  Total convenience
                                    "Zoom makes life just that little bit easier. I would marry it if I could." Age 42 [Oct 2021]
                                    marry Zoom if I could
                                      "Such convenience which costs me nothing, nada, total free." Age 61 [Oct 2021]
                                      Costs me nada
                                        You guys are amazing, I LOVE your service! Thanks for everything. Age 30 [Sept 2021]
                                        You guys are amazing

                                          Upload your prescription

                                          Take a photo of your prescription and securely upload to ZOOM Pharmacy