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Fake Face Masks – What Terminology to Avoid

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You don’t want to buy fake face masks. With more people wanting to buy N95 or KN95 Face Masks, you need to do your homework.

It’s important to make sure that you purchase from a reputable and trusted supplier, and know the official terminology.

Fake face masks ‘FDA approved’

Any packaging that states a mask is ‘FDA approved’ is a red flag. An N95 is approved by NIOSH, not the FDA (although a surgical N95 must also be ‘authorized’ or ‘cleared’ by the FDA).

NIOSH or the FDA do NOT provide ‘certificates of approval’ – so if your mask pack has an enclosed letter of certification, it is most likely false.

Face mask terminology used incorrectly

Packaging may often state that KN95s or KN94s are ‘FDA-registered’ or ‘FDA-listed’ but this doesn’t really mean that much.

It is simply that the manufacturer has filed the paperwork to make the FDA aware of its existence. It doesn’t mean the masks have been tested or authorised.

International regulatory standards

Particulate respirator face masks come in a variety of models, and demand for them has been high. They are identified by which international regulatory standard they meet:

  • KN95 is the Chinese respiratory standard
  • N95 is the United States respiratory standard
  • P2 is the Australia/New Zealand respiratory standard
  • FFP2 is the European respiratory standard

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