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Save time, save money, switch to ZOOM Pharmacy.

Managing multiple medicines can be difficult, inconvenient, and costly.

That’s why we offer our service for free to anyone on four or more regular pills/tablets.

The FREE ZOOM Pharmacy Service:

Fully funded medicines Fast delivery nationwide Medicines conveniently packed World class pharmacist support Personalised ongoing alerts & reminders

How it works

If you are on four or more regular pills/tablets every day, you could qualify for our free Monthly Medicines Service.

Proactive Care

Your personal alerts and reminders are ahead of time to ensure that you don’t run out of medicines. Your medicines are also sent out early and we can organise your next prescription.

Coordinate your prescriptions

We work with you and your doctors to get your new prescriptions easily and ahead of time.

We schedule your deliveries

Using your medicine start date our team plans ahead for when to send your first shipment and your refills.

Convenient packaging

Your medicines are packed by date and time into biodegradable sachet pack rolls. Spend less time worrying about your medicines and have peace of mind.

Get support requesting your next prescription

Using ZOOM Pharmacy is simple and straightforward. 


With your permission, name and date of birth, our pharmacists can:


Request your prescription from your doctor on your behalf.


Answer any questions you have about your medicines, or our service.

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Date of Birth

OR send us your prescription directly

Patient Portal

Select ‘ZOOM Pharmacy’ in your patient portal. Depending on your portal this can be done via a drop-down menu or by selecting the ‘Chemist/Pharmacy Name’ option and enter ‘ZOOM Pharmacy’.

Tell your medical centre

Tell your healthcare provider to send your prescription directly to ZOOM Pharmacy. If they are having trouble sending your prescription, contact us on FREEPHONE 0508 966 622.

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Have any questions?

Our team is here to help you.
If our FAQs don’t have the answers, our team will!

Patients using our Monthly Medicines service get FREE full funded prescriptions, with FREE daily sachet packs and FREE delivery to your door.* They also get ongoing personal pharmacist support, alerts and reminders taking the stress out of managing medicines.

To qualify for our Monthly Medicines Service you need to be on 4 or more regular medicines. These are regular medicines that are suitable to be packed into sachet packs e.g. tablet or capsule medications. Medicines that are in liquid or powder form, refrigerated medicines do not fall under this classification regarding qualifying for the Monthly Medicines Service.

Sachet packs are a convenient and easy way to manage your medicines. Allowing you to have peace of mind that you are taking your medicines correctly and easily keep track of where you are at. Each individual sachet is clearly labelled with your name, the medicines inside, the date, day of the week, and time to take it. Your sachet packs come in a long roll, loaded into a dispenser box. Sachets come out in the order that you need to take them.

ZOOM Pharmacy is a licensed pharmacy with multiple district contracts, and makes money, like any other pharmacy, through the dispensing fees we are provided from Te Whatu Ora.

Yes, the eco-friendly pouches are biodegradable and can be composted. If you want to get rid of the printed information on your empty sachet before you throw it out, simply place the empty sachet in the sink, and pour hot water over it – the printing then simply rubs off.







ZOOM is here to help! One of our pharmacists will get in touch shortly.