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Try ZOOM Pharmacy’s Services and be in to WIN a ZOOM Carry Case – 50 FREE cases to be given away by end June. These sturdy little protective cases are perfect for packing in your medicines when you are on the go.

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Sachet packs make it so easy

Are you currently using a blister pack, but finding it difficult to open – or expensive to pay for? Try our amazing FREE Sachet Pack Service.

Medicine sachet packs have been designed to make it as easy as possible to take your medicines correctly. Our eco-friendly sachet packs sort all your medicines into easy to take doses.

Each individual sachet is clearly labelled with your name, the medicines inside – and the date, day of the week, and time of the day to take it. So you always know you are taking the right pills, at the right time, each day.

How do I use my sachet pack?

Your sachet packs come in a long roll, loaded into a dispenser box. Sachets come out in the order that you need to take them, each one clearly labelled with the date, day of the week and time of day to take it.

The eco-friendly pouches are biodegradable and can be composted, and the box is recyclable.

ZOOM can also help you manage your parents meds too

*Free prescriptions for fully funded medicines only – no $5 standard subsidised prescription charge will apply. Other charges relating to specialist’s or dentist’s prescriptions may apply. ‘Special foods’ may incur a delivery fee.