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KN95 Face Mask, FFP2, N95 or P2? It Can Be Confusing!

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KN95 Face Mask, FFP2, N95 and P2 are all a type of certification or class given to a face mask, based on its performance in a standardised test – or the ‘standard’.

What standards do we have in NZ?

Particulate respirator face masks are manufactured and tested all over the world, but identified by which international standard they meet.

KN95 is the Chinese respiratory standard
FFP2 is the European respiratory standard
N95 is the United States respiratory standard
P2 is the Australia/New Zealand respiratory standard

KN95 face mask versus FFP2 – what’s the difference?

In practical terms, almost nil.

The comparison between KN95, FFP2, N95 and P2 has shown that all of these masks achieve the same level of protection against airborne particles.

Any minute differences between these standards – in practical terms – has almost nil impact on the level of protection to the wearer.

Bottom line?

For Kiwis trying to choose between one of these standards, any one of these four are perfectly acceptable when you are wanting to buy a particulate respirator face mask.

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