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Five Top Covid Symptoms Now: Sore Throat, Headache & More

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Sick woman sitting on sofa with top covid symptoms of sore throat

Top Covid symptoms are a sore throat or a cough, according to data from 17,500 people who reported they had tested positive for the virus this week in the UK.

Other common symptoms reported were headache and a blocked nose.

The React-1 researchers, from Imperial College London, say a high temperature or fever, and loss of sense of smell and taste appears to be less common with the newer  BA.4 and BA.5 variants. Instead, people are reporting more cold and flu-like symptoms.

Top covid symptoms with new variants

The top 20 Covid symptoms, in descending order, according to the data from the Zoe App study reported by BBC News yesterday are:

  • Sore throat – reported by 58%
  • Headache – 49%
  • Blocked nose – 40%
  • Cough no phlegm – 40%
  • Runny nose – 40%
  • Cough with phlegm – 37%
  • Hoarse voice – 35%
  • Sneezing – 32%
  • Fatigue – 27%
  • Muscle pains/aches – 25%
  • Dizzy light-headed – 18%
  • Swollen neck glands – 15%
  • Eye soreness – 14%
  • Altered smell – 13%
  • Chest pain tightness – 13%
  • Fever – 13%
  • Chills or shivers – 12%
  • Shortness of breath – 11%
  • Earache – 11%
  • Loss of smell – 10%

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