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Vitamin D & Sunshine

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Many of us are only now fully emerging from our homes after level four then three. It is likely that over the last few months we have not been getting as much of that autumn sunshine as we are used to.

Why Vitamin D matters

You may be feeling lethargic, or just down. This could be understandably circumstantial but may also be linked to lack of sunshine and the vitamin D that it so wonderfully gives us.  Vitamin D provides several vital benefits that can be easily gained by only a short walk or reading the paper outside. Whilst we need to be careful when in the sun and prevent the risk of getting skin cancer, moments must be spent outside absorbing our New Zealand sunshine.

Vitamin D deficiency effects 5% of adults, according to Adult Nutrition Survey 2008/09.

27% fall below the recommended blood level of Vitamin D.

Vitamin D is essential for good bone health. Young children who don’t get enough can develop rickets, whilst adults can develop bone weakness.

Love the sun

The sun in itself is good for a myriad of reasons that can include:

  • Positively effecting mental health
  • Building strong bones
  • Cancer prevention (with moderate exposure)
  • Healing skin conditions
  • It can positively affect other aspects of physical health like energy levels and mood.

Risk factors attributing to Vitamin D deficiency is not be exposed regularly to sun light, most commonly by not going outside. Unfortunately, Vitamin D cannot be absorbed through a glass window. Other risk factors include being elderly, overweight, not eating much dairy of fish, or living far away from the equator.

Signs & symptoms

Signs and symptoms of Vitamin D deficiency can include:

  1. Getting sick or infected often
  2. Feeling tired
  3. Bone and back pain
  4. Depression
  5. Hair loss
  6. Muscle pain

Vitamin D can be found only in small amounts in certain foods, like eggs and oily fish. Sensible sun exposure however is an easy way to get Vitamin D.  Have a look on the Ministry of Health website to note what sensible sun exposure is, and when precaution needs to be taken to prevent cancer.

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