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Sachet Pack Service Medicine Delivery

You can trust ZOOM Pharmacy to make healthcare easy. That’s why ZOOM Pharmacy is on New Zealand’s leading online marketplaces. Because healthcare is about you.

As we get older, it’s increasingly common to have to take different medicines, at different times throughout the day. But, taking more than a couple of prescription medicines can be challenging to manage. A medicine delivery service would make life so much easier!

  • Does organising all your meds and repeats sometimes get on top of you?
  • Do you often leave it to the last minute, or even run out?
  • Are you currently using a blister pack, but find it difficult to open?
  • Are your medicines and blister pack costing you $$$$ each month?
  • Can it be a hassle having to pick up your medicines each month?

ZOOM medicine sachet pack service – making meds easy!

If you’re taking four or more meds, ask about ZOOM Pharmacy’s FREE Sachet Pack Service.

ZOOM will sort all your meds for you, putting them into easy to open, eco-friendly, sachet packs. Medicine sachet packs are a bit like a blister pack, but much easier to open.

Each sachet pack is clearly marked with what medicines are inside, along with the day, and the time to open it. Just tear the sachet open, knowing you are taking the right pills, at the right time, each day.

Travelling? Simply tear off the sachets you need and take them with you.

ZOOM delivers direct to your door and your repeats are organised for you. No more queuing in pharmacy, no more running out of meds.

FREE sachet pack service

If you’re on four meds or more, and using the ZOOM Sachet Pack Service, you get FREE prescriptions, FREE sachet packing and FREE delivery to your door.

ZOOM’s FREE Sachet Pack Service is available NOW. So if your pharmacy is charging you $$$$ for prescriptions, or for packing your blisters… call ZOOM and get it for FREE!

One of our customers had this to say “Sachet packs are brilliant. No more counting and sorting for me! Just tear the sachet off, tear it open and take the meds at the time on the sachet! Great innovation Zoom.”

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ZOOM Pharmacy is proudly Kiwi owned and operated. Get your meds delivered direct, and repeats organised for you. Choose ZOOM Pharmacy in your patient portal or simply get your prescription sent to ZOOM. Call us now on 0508 966 622 and we’ll get you started!







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