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Forgotten to Take Your Prescription Medicine?

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It is vitally important in keeping New Zealanders healthy that when doctors prescribe medication it is taken correctly.

But sometimes life gets in the way and you may forget to take a dose. In fact, most of us have forgotten to take our medication at some point.

What to do if you’ve missed a dose of your prescription medicine

Whether you take the missing dose or skip it will vary depending on the medication you are on – and the time gap between when you remember and when your next dose is due.

Whilst for most medications missing a single dose won’t cause problems, for some medications there could be changes in effectiveness or your symptoms if you skip or double your dose.

If you can’t remember what your doctor has advised or can’t find the information provided with your medication, here are some places you can go to for advice:

  • Look for the Consumer Medicine Information Sheet (CMI) on the MEDSAFE website. Simply type the name of your medicine in the first box and press search. Then press on the medication name labelled with “CMI”. The CMI sheet usually has a section labelled ‘If you forget to take it’
  • Call your regular pharmacist. Your pharmacist is trained to advise on the correct way to take medications. They should also know about your other medications and how they interact
  • Call your doctor

Where to go for help after hours or on public holidays

If it is after hours and you are feeling worried about missing a dose:

  • Call the New Zealand government’s Healthline on 0800 611 116. Healthline is a free 24 hours x 7 days a week service. Healthline’s nurses, paramedics and other health workers can give advice
  • Try your GP’s after-hours service

If you are feeling unwell

  • If you can’t get through to your doctor and you are feeling very unwell, go to the emergency department of your nearest hospital
  • For mental health support, text or call 1737 for free at any time
  • For medical emergencies dial 111 for an ambulance

Missing multiple doses of your prescription medication

Missing more than one consecutive dose of your prescription medicine could make things more complicated and it is best to check with your doctor or pharmacist.

How Zoom Pharmacy can help you take your prescription medication properly

Here at Zoom our pharmacists and staff are committed to helping you stay as healthy as you can. Here are 4 ways we can help you to take your medicine as prescribed:

1. Repeats organised and delivered

When you order your prescription medicine through Zoom, we can organise your repeats and deliver your medication directly to your door. No more missed doses because you didn’t have time to contact the doctor or get to the chemist!

2. Personal support

Zoom’s pharmacists are on hand to talk through any questions or concerns about your medications. Call 0508 966 622 any time Monday to Friday, 8.30am to 5.30pm.

3. Online medication support

If you prefer to go digital and have a smart phone, you can use the Zoom app. The app will remind you to take your medication and give you handy information about its safe use.

4. On 4 or more prescription medications?

Zoom’s FREE sachet packing comes on a roll in the order that you need to take your pills. Each easy to open sachet is clearly marked with the day and time to make it easier to keep on track. Plus, you get FREE delivery to your door.


On four medicines or more?

Get FREE prescriptions, packing & delivery!

Anywhere in New Zealand! No matter what region you live in and your Alert Level, it’s business as usual when you choose ZOOM Pharmacy.

How to send your prescription

  • Use your patient portal
  • OR tell your medical centre to send it
  • OR freepost / courier it yourself
  • OR take a photo and securely upload your prescription by using the form below

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