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Become a Diabetes Foodie

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If you have diabetes, your diet and the food you eat shouldn’t feel like a life sentence.

Diabetes type two is the most common type of diabetics in New Zealand. Though it has traditionally been late onset – with child obesity rates increasing, this trend is changing.

To read more information about diabetes, read ZOOM’s previous health article which covered the basics of diabetes and how to support those with it.

Make it utterly delicious

No diet should ever feel like a life sentence. Fortunately there are so many resources out there to not only educate those with type 2 diabetes what to cook, but how to make it utterly delicious.

We have collected some fantastic links to get you one your way to enjoying cooking whilst supporting your health.

Diabetes UK shows you what food to eat, and what food to avoid. This website provides fantastic information not only on what to eat, but different meal ideas to get you started.

Easy food swaps

Healthy breakfast choices include wholegrain toast with olive oil spread, avocado and yogurt. Ideal lunches could be a tuna sandwich, or soup with a wholegrain role. But do you want more choice?

This site also provides great swaps for lunch and breakfast. Soon you will be nourishing your body more without feeling like you are missing out.

Become a diabetic foodie

But perhaps you want to get a bit more creative with your food choices. This is when the Diabetic Foodie saves the day. This blog provides a number of meal ideas that are certainly more exciting than eggs and toast, but equally as nutritious, and utterly delicious.

Get your diabetes meds delivered by ZOOM Pharmacy

If you think you may have diabetes or have a history of diabetes, talk to your doctor. Once you know you have diabetes, you can then do something positive about it.

ZOOM Pharmacy makes managing your meds really easy. Prescription meds are delivered direct to your door, repeats organised for you. You don’t need to head out and queue at the pharmacy – ZOOM Pharmacy comes to you.

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