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Living with Alzheimer’s

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Alzheimer’s is New Zealand’s most common form of dementia. There is no cure, and no proven ways to prevent its onset. Treatment for Alzheimer’s focuses on “support and managing symptoms to maximize a person’s ability to function and maintain independence for as long as possible.”

Supporting your loved one and yourself

Support is a key word. Knowing how to support a loved one with Alzheimer’s can be a daunting and emotional challenge. Luckily, there are fantastic resources out there to help ease the pressure that is undeniably felt by any family member or friend. Making sure you are supported and equipped with the best possible knowledge and tools is vital. Then you can provide the best support possible to your loved one and yourself.

Know what to look out for

Alzheimer’s New Zealand provides a list of 10 warning signs of dementia. These are good to know if you are concerned about a family member.

Understand the disease

Familiarise yourself with the causes, complications, symptoms and treatment – this Southern Cross website provides fantastic information to allow you familiarise yourself with this illness.

The ways in which people with Alzheimer’s express themselves are varied and can include: mood changes, confusion, communication difficulties and even loss of appetite.

Knowing the progression of symptoms can make the process of observing a loved one with Alzheimer’s less daunting and unexpected. A person with Alzheimer’s may begin by showing mild forgetfulness, then progress by expressing personality changes, and finally an inability to recognise family. Understanding this progression will allow you to provide greater support and feel more supported yourself.

Look after yourself

Alzheimer’s New Zealand has great information that talks about looking after yourself when someone you care about is diagnosed with dementia. This undeniably is a hard piece of news to have to take in. Talk to people. Don’t deny your feelings. Write a diary. Call 0800 004 001 to get help in assisting you in being able to provide the best and most effective support to your loved one.

Understand from their perspective

People with Alzheimer’s are trying to adjust to their diagnosis and want to remain connected. Alzheimer’s Association talks about ways to help a family living with Alzheimer’s, and how people with Alzheimer’s themselves would like to be supported.

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