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ZOOM Pharmacy medicines delivery service. ZOOM provides an online pharmacy where you can get your prescription weight loss eg Duromine medicines direct.

New Zealand is facing an epidemic of obesity, with 1 in 3 NZ adults (>15 years and over) obese. Doctors are often asked, can prescription medicine like Duromine (phentermine) help with weight loss?

Health issues & Covid-19 associated with obesity

Many health issues are strongly associated with being overweight; heart disease, Type 2 diabetes, stroke, arthritis, several common cancers, sleep apnoea and reproductive issues.  There is also growing concern that obese children will actually have shorter lives than their parents or grandparents, and have more lifetime health problems as well.


People of any age with obesity (body mass index [BMI] of 30 or higher) are at increased risk of severe illness from COVID-19.

We are what we eat and we're eating too much

It’s become easier than ever to become overweight. Cheap heavily promoted fast foods appeal with their combination of high fat and sugar content. Supersizing is often used as a marketing tool, encouraging us to eat even more. We walk less and drive more, and activities that involved getting out of the house no longer occur. Many goods and services are now delivered to our doors. 

What can you do?

Many people struggle with weight loss. Changes in diet are often made on impulse, and increasing exercise can be difficult to maintain.  Dietary changes need the support of family and whanau, but this can be difficult when they don’t want to change their diet.


Making changes takes determination, particularly if you are doing it alone.  Changes are more effective when you’re not the only one trying as mutual support works. Eating and exercising with others improves our well being.   

Programmes that involve food plans and exercise can be effective, but many are expensive as they can require purchasing pre-prepared meals.  Professional dietary advice is a good option, as this usually customises food choices to foods you already prefer to cook and eat. 

Can prescription medicines help?

There are two weight loss prescription medicines available in NZ that can be used to assist in weight loss. Duromine (phentermine) reduces your appetite, Xenical (orlistat) decreases the amount of fat that is absorbed into your body.


For those people who have found diet and exercise have not been effective, talk to your doctor.  

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ZOOM Pharmacy medicines delivery service. ZOOM provides an online pharmacy where you can get your prescription weight loss eg Duromine medicines direct.


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