OPTIFAST VLCD Shake Vanilla Flavour 18 Pack 954g For Weight Loss


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OPTIFAST VLCD Shake Vanilla Flavour 18 Pack 954g For Weight Loss

Optifast VLCD Shake Vanilla Flavour is a delicious and nutritious meal replacement shake. Each pack contains 18 sachets of 954g of shake powder, providing a balanced source of protein, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. It is a great way to support weight loss and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Suitable for vegetarians and gluten free. Enjoy the delicious vanilla flavour and feel the benefits of Optifast VLCD Shake.


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The OPTIFAST VLCD Vanilla Shake is part of a nutritionally complete, very low calorie diet program, which contains all of the nutrients required for safe and effective weight loss. Delicious and convenient for breakfast, lunch or dinner, each shake contains only 201 calories while providing 20g protein and 28 essential daily vitamins and minerals.

No meal planning and great to enjoy on the go, just mix with water and shake – dissolve 1 sachet in 200-250ml of cool water, mix thoroughly, and it?s ready!
One serve is equal to one meal.

Key Features:
1. High Protein Content: Each shake contains 20g protein per serve to maintain muscle mass while losing fat.

2. Added Vitamins and Minerals: The shake is fortified with 28 essential vitamins and minerals to help support your overall health and wellbeing.

Looking for the best way to lose weight can be a difficult process. The OPTIFAST Very Low-Calorie Diet (VLCD) Program is a great way to kick start your weight loss journey. It is designed to help you achieve the health benefits of weight loss safely, while still providing you with all the essential nutrients you need. With its delicious vanilla flavour, this shake is sure to become a favourite.

18 Pack
High in protein to preserve lean muscle mass
Source of fibre
Gluten free
The OPTIFAST VLCD Program offers a wide range of convenient meal replacements. Shakes, desserts, soups and bars.

This medicine/product may not be right for you. It is important to always read the label, warnings, and instructions before purchase and before use. Vitamins & mineral supplements should not replace a balanced diet. Weight management products should be used with a balanced diet and exercise. Always read the label. Use all products strictly as directed. Incorrect use may be harmful. If symptoms persist see your Doctor/Healthcare professional. The Pharmacist reserves the right to not supply contrary to our professional & ethical obligations.

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