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Looking After Your Pet in Lockdown

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Pets are simply good for your soul, and hugely beneficial for people’s mental health at the best of times, but even more so during lockdown.

If you are stuck at home with your pet during lockdown, you get to enjoy the extra time you have with them. However, keep in mind to prepare them for when lockdown is over.

Help your dog remain social

Mark Vette, an animal behaviourist says it is important to continue to socialise and train your dog, so that they do not suffer distress or separation anxieties after lockdown is over.

“The main risks are that they get a bit more protective and reactive to people and other dogs, because they haven’t seen them for a good while. Without continued socialisation, dogs can become anxious and more reactive to everyday sounds.”

Dogs have owners, cats have staff

Cats tend to be lower maintenance and much more solitary by nature. If they are fed, have a warm bed and you are close by (when they want you to be) the happier they are.

Can I pat another person’s dog or cat?

There was concern that if someone had COVID-19 they could put virus particles on their pet, then if someone else patted them, they could pick it up. When it comes to pets carrying Covid-19 particles on their fur, it’s highly unlikely, but cannot be ruled out.

At this stage there is very little evidence of transmission of COVID-19 from pets, but the recommended advise is to keep your hands to yourself and not pat other people’s animals.


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