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Online Virtual Doctor + ZOOM Pharmacy

You can trust ZOOM Pharmacy to make healthcare easy. That’s why ZOOM Pharmacy is on New Zealand’s leading online marketplaces. Because healthcare is about you.

Online virtual doctors (eg MedOnline, Bettr, The Waiting Room) connect you with a qualified doctor. Without the need to visit them in person.

How does it work?

An online consultation can be done from wherever you are. Virtual consultations are done by either video link, or even by phone.

What service do they offer?

A virtual online doctor can help with your ongoing prescriptions for any regular meds you take. One of the most common things they do is offer management of long term health conditions. However, they can also assess mental health issues such as depression or anxiety, and other issues like skin complaints etc. A virtual online doctor can also give diagnoses for new issues that do not need a physical examination.

What’s the advantage for me?

Appointments are at time that suits you, and can include early evening and the weekend. There is no travelling to the medical centre or sitting in their waiting room required. You can easily slot an appointment at work as long as you have somewhere private to sit. And no more having to drag the kids along as well!

The more information you provide at your appointment the better. You may be asked to get a blood test or get your blood pressure taken before your appointment. Or, if you have a rash, you may wish to send a photo through beforehand.

Your virtual online doctor

MedOnline offer virtual GP consultations – the most convenient way to see a GP, at a time to suit you. Bettr also offer virtual appointments with doctors from NZ’s largest private primary healthcare provider. The Waiting Room is a virtual GP video consultation service brought to you by VO2 Health Care Ltd.

ZOOM Pharmacy ‘world class’ customer service

To get your meds delivered direct simply instruct your virtual online doctor to send your prescription to ZOOM Pharmacy. ZOOM delivers meds to your door within 1-2 working days in discreet packaging, with no pharmacy identifier.

ZOOM’s ‘world class’ customer service is second to none, here’s what one of their customers recently had to say. “I love the service, packaging and excellent communication when my meds are on their way.” [6 Sept 2020]

FREEPHONE 0508 966 622 or VISIT zoompharmacy.co.nz to see how it works and to find out pricing. Check out ZOOM’s Free Sachet Pack Service and get FREE prescriptions, sachet packing AND delivery!







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