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Good Night, Sleep Tight

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There are many things happening in the world right now which have impacted our normal routines. Now, more than ever it is crucial that you take care of yourself and the best way to start is by getting a good night’s sleep.

Why Sleep Matters

Sleep plays a vital role in our life; it helps our bodies repair and our brain to put together all the information it has taken in that day and link it all together.

Having a lack of sleep is very detrimental to your health and it has been linked to:

  • Worsening physical health (high blood pressure, obesity)
  • Poor immune system (making you more susceptible to infections)
  • Mental health problems (anxiety and depression)

The issues listed above are a short-list of examples just to elaborate that a lack of sleep affects more than just your mental function. When it comes to sleep there is simply not alternative.

Signs and Symptoms

So, how do you know if you are having a lack of sleep? There are little signs throughout your day which could indicate this, such as:

  • Falling asleep during movies
  • Feeling tired throughout the day
  • Becoming moodier
  • Having memory lapses
  • Dreaming while you are half-awake

If you are having any of the above on a consistent basis and have tried various means to improve your sleep with no success, it is important to raise these issues with your doctor or even contact a ZOOM Pharmacist to discuss these in more detail.

What can you do?

Practicing good sleep hygiene is the best starting point when it comes to improving your sleep. The easiest way to remember these tips is with the acronym ASLEEP.

A Alcohol, caffeine and nicotine should be avoided

S Sex and sleep should be the only uses of a bedroom

L Leave electronics (TV, laptops) and paperwork out of the bedroom

E Exercise regularly, but not too close to bedtime (not within 2-3 hours)

E Early rising, avoid sleeping in or taking naps throughout the day

P Plan for bedtime, create a regular routine before bed (e.g. warm drink)

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