16 Oct

On four or more meds?

Taking four or more prescription medicines can be challenging to manage.

Does organising all your medicines and repeats get on top of you? Maybe you are on a blister pack?

It’s common to have to take different medicines or doses, at different times throughout the day. Do you already use a blister pack, but find it difficult to open? Do you have to organise regular repeat prescriptions for some of your meds, but not for others? Or maybe it’s not until you are just about to run out of meds (or have already!) that you actually get around to organising all your repeats …

Sound like you?

Try ZOOM’s special FREE Sachet Pack OFFER.

FREE prescriptions*  FREE sachet packing and FREE delivery.

ZOOM will sort ALL your medicines for you, putting them into easy to open, state of the art technology, sachet packs. Medicine sachet packs are a bit like a blister pack, but much easier to open and the new, simple, modern way to go.

Each sachet pack is clearly marked with what medicines are inside, along with the day, and the time to open it. Just tear each sachet open when it’s time to take it, knowing you are taking the right dose, at the right time, on the right day.

Travelling? Just tear off the medicine sachet packs you need and take them with you. Easy!

ZOOM delivers your sachet packs direct to your door and organises your repeat prescriptions for you. No more queuing in a pharmacy. No more running out of meds.

One of our customers had this to say “I love everything about ZOOM! Taking and getting prescriptions for multiple medications used to be so difficult but it is so much easier now with ZOOM.”

With ZOOM, managing your medication has never been easier.

Get started now! Free Phone 0508 966 622 Monday to Friday 7am–6pm to speak to a ZOOM Pharmacist, they’ll get all your meds sorted for you in no time!