Oestradiol (Estradot) Patches: Supply issue in New Zealand

Last Updated June 2024 – for the most up to date information we recommend visiting the Pharmac Oestradiol (Estradot) patches: Supply issue page.

Pharmac has announced that due to ongoing global supply issues affecting oestradiol patches New Zealanders may struggle to reliably get oestradiol patches from pharmacies.


The supply of all oestradiol patches is very limited. Suppliers and wholesalers are limiting how many patches are sent to pharmacies due high demand. This means the availability of patches will vary around the country and between pharmacies, and it may run out quickly.

How Long will the supply issue last?

Pharmac has stated they expect the supply issues will continue through 2024 and for some time into 2025.


We understand that supply issues with medicines can be frustrating. ZOOM Pharmacy will do everything that we can to secure supply but there will be supply shortages and that we are completely reliant on the supplier and Pharmac for supply information.

Where can I find more information?

We recommend visiting the Pharmac website for the most current information.