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How Much Water Should I Drink In A Day NZ?

Have you often wondered: how much water should I drink in a day, and been told it should be 8 glasses/2 litres at least? But is that actually true, and what is the basis for it? Do I need 8 glasses of water a day? In 2007 the peer reviewed British Medical Journal included the:

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Manuka Honey Bee Collecting Nectar

Manuka Honey NZ: What Makes It So Good!

Manuka honey is a special type of honey. It is commonly used as a natural sweetener, cough suppressant, and applied topically for minor wounds and burns. But there other health benefits as well. Manuka honey benefits Honey is made by honeybees, from the nectar of flowering plants. Honey contains mostly sugar, but also amino acids,

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How to Treat Corns & Calluses

More time at home can mean more opportunities to go out for a walk, but when corns and calluses begin to develop on your feet, walking can end up being a painful experience! What is a corn or callus? A corn or callus is an area of thickened skin, which can become sore and inflamed

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Health Checklist for Women Over 50

Once you hit 50 it is so important and worthwhile to have a health checklist to refer to and tick off each year. Why? Because it is always better to catch things early. If you do that, you stand the very best chance of being able to do something about it. Time your checklist around

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What Should I Have in My First Aid Kit in NZ?

Are you wondering what you should keep in your First Aid Kit in NZ, or is the one you have, looking a little worse for wear? Restock your First Aid Kit There are some great First Aid Kits you can buy which are well stocked and ready to go. Or maybe it’s just time to

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Vitamin D & Sunshine

Many of us are only now fully emerging from our homes after level four then three. It is likely that over the last few months we have not been getting as much of that autumn sunshine as we are used to. Why Vitamin D matters You may be feeling lethargic, or just down. This could

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Sunlight & Sunscreen Myths

Sunlight in the correct amount is essential, as it is our main source of vitamin D. Not only does sunlight play a role in improving mood, it protects us from bacteria, and improves quality of sleep. Just 5 minutes of summer sun exposure to the hands and face is all that is required to maintain normal vitamin D levels. However,

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