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Why you should buy Online Medicine from a New Zealand Online Pharmacy

You can trust ZOOM Pharmacy to make healthcare easy. That’s why ZOOM Pharmacy is on New Zealand’s leading online marketplaces. Because healthcare is about you.

Did you know that according to Interpol at least “11% of medical products sold online are counterfeit and all regions of the world are affected”?

This presents a major safety risk to those New Zealanders who buy medicines online from unregulated overseas websites.

In New Zealand, all prescription and other medicines are approved and monitored for quality and safety by Medsafe.

This means the safest way to buy online medicines is from a legitimate New Zealand online pharmacy like ZOOM Pharmacy.

The dangers of fake or unregulated medicines

There are severe health risks with buying medicine online when you are not sure the supplier is legitimate.

Fake or unregulated medicines have been found to:

  • Have the wrong active ingredient
  • Have the wrong amount of active ingredient (too little, too much, or none at all)
  • Be out of date or not stored properly (so not effective)
  • Contain ingredients withdrawn from sale in NZ due to safety concerns
  • Be contaminated with toxins (mercury, arsenic, rat poison or cement have even been found)
  • Contain undisclosed ingredients (eg prescription drugs in herbal weight loss medicines)

The most common fake or illegal medicine

Many types of medicines have been found to be fake or illegal. But, some of the most common fake medicines seized by Interpol’s yearly Operation Pangea are:

  • Erectile dysfunction (ED) medicines
  • Anti-depressants
  • Anabolic steroids
  • Diabetes medicines
  • Cancer medicines

And now, the sale of fake or substandard COVID-19 medical products (face masks, sanitizers, unauthorised anti-virus medication) is on the rise.

Is it legal to buy prescription medicine online from overseas?

In general, buying prescription medicine from overseas (technically importing) is not legal. There are some exceptions to this. You can read more on Medsafe’s Importing Medicines page. 

Why are prescriptions required for some medicines in NZ and not overseas?

Some medicines sold legally overseas without a prescription, need a prescription in New Zealand. This is to ensure that New Zealanders receive safe and appropriate medical care.

For example, a doctor will know whether an existing health issue means you should, or should not, take a medicine. And how it might interact with your other medicines. They will also carefully monitor you for side effects.

How can you tell if a New Zealand website selling prescription medicine online is legitimate?

To operate legally, a NZ online pharmacy must hold a Licence to Operate Pharmacy. They must also be under the immediate supervision and control of a registered pharmacist.

If in doubt, ask to see the pharmacy licence, and for the name of the pharmacist in charge. You can check the pharmacist is on the Pharmacy Council Register.

Genuine NZ online pharmacies will also always ask you to provide your prescription.

Be safe, buy from New Zealand

When you buy from a legitimate New Zealand online pharmacy like ZOOM Pharmacy, you can be sure you are getting the correct medicine. Plus, you can get expert advice from your pharmacist.

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