01 Dec

Disposable Face Masks – Great Price!

Make sure you and the people you care about restock your supply of disposable face masks now. Buy from ZOOM Pharmacy at our great prices and get them delivered direct to your door.

Disposable face mask versus triple layer fabric mask

The performance of single-use commercial medical masks are the result of decades of research.

Nelson-based microbiologist Richard Everts said it was a “false benefit” to seek the comfort of a fabric mask over protection, as some fabric masks have thin layers and may not fit well.

“We found that commercial masks, even when you wash them 10 times, were better than the fabrics – even when you had three layers of fabric, one on top of the other, the commercial masks were still better.”

Be prepared – restock disposable face masks now!

ZOOM Pharmacy has sourced a disposable face mask at a great price, with breathable three layer protection, elasticized ear loops, and a concealed adjustable nose clip.

25 face masks $9.95

50 face masks $15.95

Disposable face masks at great prices!

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