Airborne Manuka & Lemon Honey Lozenges, 16 pack

Airborne Health Honey Lozenges are the only lozenge that is made almost entirely from honey. Only Airborne Honey Lozenges contain honey that is dried, not boiled, which retains the natural health properties of the honey.

Airborne Health Honey Lozenges are effective at soothing sore throats, coughs and colds: in a recent study, honey was shown to be more effective at soothing coughs than cough medicine.

Other ‘honey’ lozenges often contain sugar or artificial ingredients as their first/main ingredient. They don’t contain any chemical ingredients.


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Ester-plex Vitamin C 1300mg, 100 tablets

SANDERSON™ Ester-Plex® 1300mg is a very high strength, easy to swallow vitamin C which contains the same natural metabolites as our chewable product to ensure optimum bio-availability to the body, so that the vitamin C is absorbed better than ordinary vitamin C.

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