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EziDrops Eye Applicator Nozzle Head


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EziDrops Eye Applicator Nozzle Head

EziDrops Eye Applicator – the ultimate solution for easy and effective eye drop administration! This innovative design eliminates the blink reflex and fits almost any standard eye drop bottle. Suitable for all ages, tested and trusted by industry leaders. Get yours today and experience hassle-free eye drop application!


In stock

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Introducing EziDrops Eye Applicator, the revolutionary eye drop aid that makes administering eye drops easier and more effective than ever before! The innovative design eliminates the blink reflex, ensuring that the eye drops go directly into your eye without any involuntary blinking.

Key Features:

  1. No blink or flinch reflex
  2. No wastage
  3. Made in the UK
  4. Recyclable


This product works with the below:

Standard: Clear Eyes, Systane, Visine, Broline, Nova Tears and any other nozzle head eye drops!

Long: Hylo Fresh, Cromo Fresh, Hylo Forte

Vials: Systane, Bion


EziDrops Eye Applicator features a universal fit, making it compatible with almost any standard eye drop bottle with a nozzle. It’s suitable for helping the whole family, from young children to the elderly.

Using EziDrops Eye Applicator is incredibly easy and effective, resulting in less wastage of eye drops. This product has been tested and trusted, giving you peace of mind that you’re using a reliable and effective eye drop aid.

Experience the benefits of EziDrops Eye Applicator and say goodbye to the frustrations of administering eye drops. Get yours today and enjoy easy, effective, and hassle-free eye drop application!


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