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The switch to using a RAT Test, or Rapid Antigen Test, has significantly cut down wait times for people wanting to know if they are COVID positive.

Key suppliers including supermarkets and the big retailers are quickly selling out within a day or two, or you have to go in store and queue to pick up – not great news for families or small businesses who just want to get on with it.

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COVID-19 is ‘not going to go away’

COVID-19 Response Minister Chris Hipkins says New Zealanders will have to accept COVID-19 is ‘not going to go away’ as the virus continues to run rampant through communities.

‘I think there’s certainly more infection in the community than the testing numbers will be showing,’ he told Q+A on Sunday.

Recent models have suggested that the infection rate could be as much as five times higher than the daily case numbers are showing.

Hipkins said we ‘do have to accept that we are going to be moving to a state where COVID-19 is going to be out there and it’s not going to go away’.

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RATs Rapid Antigen Test, 5 pack @ $28.50 from ZOOM Pharmacy

Buy RATs at the ZOOM Pharmacy COVID Home Care SHOP








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