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Caffeine in Coffee, Tea and More

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Caffeine is traditionally associated with coffee, but you may be surprised how much is also found in tea and soft drinks.

Check out the caffeine levels of some common drinks below. Drink sizes are mostly in 250 milliliters (mL) which is one cup, caffeine is shown in milligrams (mg). Note that an Expresso shot is just a fraction of this size at 30 mL, with energy and soft drinks cans commonly coming in sizes ranging from 250 – 355 mL, so take this into account when calculating how much caffeine you consume each day.

Caffeine levels                         


Black tea (250 mL) – 50 mg caffeine                        

Green tea (250 mL) – 35 mg caffeine                                                      


Expresso (30 mL one shot) – 64 mg caffeine           

Percolated (250 mL) – 210 mg caffeine                         

Plunger (250 mL) – 110 mg caffeine                                     

Instant (one teaspoon coffee powder/granules) – 70mg caffeine               

Coke & energy drink

Energy drink (250 mL) – 80 mg caffeine                          

Diet Coke (250 mL) – 32 mg caffeine                                  

Coca-Cola (250 mL) – 24 mg caffeine                                

Coke Zero (250 mL) – 24 mg caffeine                            

Tea versus coffee

As a general rule of thumb, tea usually has about half the amount of caffeine compared to coffee, so two cups of tea is equal to one cup of coffee.

However, there are lots of variables that can influence how much caffeine is in your cup of tea or coffee such as:

  • instant versus brewed coffee
  • how your coffee is brewed (expresso machine, percolated, plunger)
  • type of tea and how it is picked and processed
  • loose leaf versus tea bags
  • how long you brew your tea for

Caffeine is a simulant, helps combat fatigue and drowsiness and can hang around in your blood system for up to six hours after consuming it. And like many things in life, moderation seems to be the best course. Tea and coffee each have significant health benefits – but too much caffeine is best avoided.



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