Stay Home & Get Well: How to buy pseudoephedrine online & delivered direct

This winter Kiwis wanting treatment for cough and cold symptoms will be able to purchase pseudoephedrine (PSE) products from pharmacies. This will be a relief to many who have struggled with the current alternatives available in NZ since pseudoephedrine was made prescription only in 2011. If you are wanting to buy pseudoephedrine online for cold and flu relief you can now buy it from ZOOM Pharmacy. Stay home and get medicine delivered direct to your door.

Buy Pseudoephedrine Online

What is pseudoephedrine?

Pseudoephedrine is a decongestant medicine taken orally to treat nasal and sinus congestion, while also relieving sinus pressure. Its effectiveness has made it a common ingredient in cold and flu medicines globally. It was common in New Zealand until it was banned from being sold over-the-counter in NZ in 2011.

Is pseudoephedrine back on shelves?

Pseudoephedrine has changed from a Class B to a Class C controlled drug. While previously a prescription was required, now it is classified as a Pharmacist Only medicine. Meaning that it can be purchased after a consultation with a New Zealand registered pharmacists to determine if it’s appropriate for you.

Can I buy pseudoephedrine online?

Yes, pseudoephedrine is now available online from ZOOM Pharmacy, after a consultation with our New Zealand registered pharmacists.


One of our pharmacists MUST perform a short, free, consultation with you BEFORE we will ship a PSE medicine.


  1. Please ensure that your contact details are accurate.
  2. Fill out the form and then add your product to the cart and checkout.
  3. A ZOOM pharmacist will review your answers and call you during working hours.
  4. The pharmacist may need to sight your ID. If so, a video link will be sent during your consultation.
  5. If the Pharmacist determines the medicine is appropriate, your order will be approved and shipped.
  6. If supply of the medicine is determined inappropriate, your order will cancelled and refunded.




  • The pharmacist will attempt contact on 3 consecutive working days.
  • If we cannot make contact, your order will cancelled and refunded.

What pseudoephedrine products can I buy now?

ZOOM Pharmacy’s online store stocks the leading brands of medicines containing pseudoephedrine. As of May 2024 Medsafe has approved 11 cold and flu medicines containing pseudoephedrine (PSE):


  • Codral Original Cold & Flu
  • Codral Original Day & Night
  • Demazin Original Cold + Flu Relief Day + Night
  • Nurofen Cold & Flu with Decongestant
  • Sudafed Sinus and Nasal Decongestant
  • Sudafed Sinus + Pain Relief Day & Night
  • Chemists’ Own Day + Night Cold & Flu Relief
  • Noumed Decongestant Tablets
  • Noumed Night Time Cold & Flu Relief
  • Noumed Cold & Flu Relief
  • Noumed Day + Night Cold & Flu Relief


You can view our full range of Pseudoephedrine (PSE) products below.