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An Updated Reflection on COVID-19 Lockdown

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As we now venture into the second half of the national lockdown, things are looking up. More testing is being conducted, and fewer are found infected.

New Zealand, as cited in the Washington Post, has been speculated to be one of – if not the only, western country that could successfully eliminate, rather than contain, COVID-19 from this lockdown.

We can embrace some comfort from these statistics. But still, there is uncertainty that lies ahead, and we are only in what could be the early days of this virus. Isolation is still ahead of us, despite whether prolonged or not. So now seems like a good time to check in with both our physical and mental health, and continue the good work that we Kiwis have been doing.

Be your healthiest self

The World Health Organisation continues to update its research and recommendations. Some notably have changed; like the highly contentious debate over covering the face, which is now being recommended by several organisations and countries.

However broader advice has remained relatively unchanged and straight forward. The main message is for everyone, but especially those in the latter half of life, to simply be their healthiest self. An overall upkeep of health can protect ones immunity most powerfully.

Key advice includes:

  • Get the annual flu vaccine once available to you
  • Continue to thoroughly hand wash and dry your hands
  • Stay hydrated
  • Manage stress
  • Exercise
  • Sleep

Most articles have predominantly focused on preserving physical health during this time. But mental health is just important.

Remember the progress: each day more and more people are recovering from the virus, and less are catching it.

Try something new – get baking!

Unfortunately this bandwagon has now eliminated many key ingredients from supermarkets. If yeast is nowhere to be found, several yeast-less bread recipes can be found, like this Lockdown Loaf by Chelsea Winter. But then again, you’ll need flour; a commodity that has been hard to find in some supermarkets. Fortunately, there are several flour-less recipes out there, like this incredibly delicious Chocolate Mousse by Jamie Oliver.

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