02 Oct

Privacy in Healthcare

Do you sometimes cringe at the thought of having to go into a pharmacy and ask for something out loud?

Not many of us want to discuss private healthcare issues within earshot of others. Maybe you’re not ready to share that you’re taking a new prescription medicine after a recent diagnosis. Or you know the pharmacy staff personally – and it’s just a nuisance to have to drive across town to a different pharmacy. There’s always the option of searching online medicine from an online pharmacy, but for some that’s just not an option.

ZOOM Pharmacy understands the need for privacy and discretion concerning your health, that’s why the services we offer are perfect for you.

When organising your repeat prescriptions with your GP clinic, ask for your prescriptions to be sent direct to ZOOM Pharmacy. If you have prescriptions already, just FreePost them to ZOOM. We’ll let you know as soon as we receive them, ask you to pay any prescription or shipping fees that may apply, and confirm your delivery address.

Your prescription medicine is then sent by Courier Post to your preferred address within 1-2 working days, anywhere in New Zealand, including rural. Deliveries are discreet and in plain packaging with no pharmacy identifier on it, so no one will know what’s inside.

One of our customer’s said “Zoom is just so simple and intuitive. And they understand about being discreet too.”

A ZOOM pharmacist is ready to talk or email anytime Monday to Friday 7am – 6pm. Our customers say it’s really helpful to be able to chat at a time that suits them, talk about things their GP just doesn’t have time for, or about health issues that make them feel awkward or that they want to keep private.

ZOOM supplies funded and unfunded prescription medicine to make it even easier for you, check out ZOOM’s unfunded prescription medicine price list here.

Want to get started? Simply call 0508 966 622 for a quiet chat with one of our pharmacists.