06 Mar

I selected the ‘ZOOM Pharmacy’ option in my patient portal – now what?

By : Sue

Selecting the ‘ZOOM Pharmacy’ option in your medical centre patient portal instructs your medical centre to send your repeat prescription directly to ZOOM.

When will ZOOM receive my prescription?

Most medical centres process this within 24 hours (one day). However, some medical centres can take up to 48 hours (two days) for your prescription to be processed and sent onto ZOOM.

Once ZOOM receives your prescription, we will always notify you immediately to confirm your order is underway.

Remember, it’s important to let your medical centre know your mobile phone number if you have one. They can then include it on your prescription in your contact details. This is useful for ZOOM, so we can easily contact you.

If you haven’t heard from ZOOM and you think it is taking too long, please let us know immediately, so we can follow up with your medical centre to see where your prescription is at.