19 Sep

I didn’t receive the verification code text to register my App?

By : Sue

Double check the following, or just call us and we will get it sorted!

Is your mobile phone number correct?

Make sure your mobile phone number was entered correctly with the right country code.

Do you have a good Wi-Fi or mobile data connection?

  • Either Wi-Fi or mobile data needs to be ON
  • Airplane mode needs to be OFF
  • Move to where you have a better connection – your Wi-Fi or mobile data icon should show at least 1 bar of connectivity
  • To test your connection, open a browser, like Chrome or Safari, and go to a website and confirm if it loads

Can you receive texts?

  • Cell signal needs to be ON
  • Airplane mode needs to be OFF
  • Ask a friend to text you to make sure your phone is working

Request a new verification code

On the verification code screen, you can ask for the code to be sent to you again.

Call the team at ZOOM

FreePhone 0508 966 622 and our team will talk you through the process, they’ll get you up and running in no time!