10 Mar

Do I need to sign for my delivery?


In your tracking link, you may wish to direct where you would like the courier to leave your parcel. Just click on ‘parcel leave’ then click on ‘add instructions’. Then select the option best for you, for example ‘leave at front door’. You can even click the ‘other’ option and write in specific instructions like ‘go down the path to the left of the garage door and leave by the red door’ for example.

Note that, for health and safety reasons, controlled and fridge medicines CANNOT just be left, nor can some expensive unfunded medicines that you have paid extra for. So for these special deliveries only, Courier Post will knock on your door, then step back two metres. They will wait for someone to come to the door. The courier will then ask that person for their name (to record proof of delivery) and leave your parcel on the doorstep.

How do I track my delivery?

If you wish to see how your delivery is progressing, click on your order tracking link sent to you by text and/or email, to find out where your delivery is at.

Can you deliver to my apartment building?

Yes – NZ Post can deliver to apartments – if they have a drop point, in an open/accessible foyer.

However, note that NZ Post couriers do not/will not call individual customers on delivery, or wait for them to come down, or deliver to a person on the top floor. Be mindful of the size your delivery will be, a small bag may well fit into your apartment mailbox in the foyer, however a small box will not.

In apartments without an open or accessible foyer, you may need to speak to your building manager/body corporate and see if they can offer any solutions for courier drivers to your location.

Or, you could change your delivery address to a close friend, family member, or even a friendly shop near you OR use NZ Post ‘Parcel Collect’ instead, find out more here.

What is the best delivery address to choose?

ZOOM recommend you choose a delivery address where someone is there to receive your delivery. Medicines arrive in discreet packaging with no pharmacy identifier, so no-one will know what’s inside your parcel, or that it came from ZOOM.