21 Sep

Do you deliver to NZ Post ‘Parcel Collect’ locations, or apartments?


With NZ Post ‘Parcel Collect’ you can have your tracked parcels delivered directly to one of their 300+ Parcel Collect locations nationwide. So, you can pick them up when and where it’s most convenient to you. Find out more here.

NZ Post can deliver to apartments – if they have a drop point, in an open/accessible foyer. However, note that NZ Post couriers do not/will not call individual customers on delivery, or wait for them to come down, or deliver to a person on the top floor. Be mindful of the size your delivery will be, a small bag may well fit into your apartment mailbox in the foyer, however a small box will not.

In apartments without an open or accessible foyer, you may need to speak to your building manager/body corporate and see if they can offer any solutions for courier drivers to your location.

Or, you could change your delivery address to a close friend, family member, or even a friendly shop near you OR use NZ Post ‘Parcel Collect’ instead, find out more here.