04 Jun

Can I use my patient portal to get my prescriptions sent to ZOOM?

By : Sue


You can easily request in your medical centre’s patient portal that your repeat prescriptions are sent to ZOOM Pharmacy.

How do I select ZOOM in the portal?

Once you have selected all your medicines you need new repeat prescriptions for, the option to select ‘ZOOM Pharmacy’ will either appear in a drop down menu – or simply select the ‘Chemist/Pharmacy Name’ option, and enter ‘ZOOM Pharmacy’. If you can’t find ZOOM listed in your patient portal, or you have any difficulties, just give ZOOM a call and we’ll sort it for you!

This is what your patient portal might look like below, but there may be other examples:

Example 1

Example 2

What happens next?

If you select ‘ZOOM Pharmacy’ this will trigger a message to be sent to your medical centre, requesting your prescription be sent/faxed to ZOOM.

Please note that at this point, ZOOM will not know you have requested your prescription to be sent to them. Your medical centre must first confirm they are comfortable to issue your repeat prescription.

When does ZOOM receive my prescription?

Most medical centres process this within 24 hours (one day). However, some medical centres can take up to 48 hours (two days) for your prescription to be processed and sent onto ZOOM.

Once ZOOM receives your prescription, we will always notify you immediately to confirm your order is underway.

If you haven’t heard from ZOOM and you think it is taking too long, please let us know immediately, so we can follow up with your medical centre to see where your prescription is at.