FREE prescriptions & shipping when you’re on four meds or more! *

It’s really easy to get started. Simply click on the ‘take or select photo’ button below, select your prescription photo, and send it. And remember- your prescription photo must include all pages, and all four corners of each page, don’t cut off anything!

IMPORTANT – PLEASE NOTE: If your prescription has NO BARCODE and/or is for a CONTROLLED MEDICINE you will be asked to send us the original prescription BEFORE we can dispense and ship – this process will cause delays in getting your meds to you by several days. If this applies to the prescription you are about to upload, and you need your medicines urgently, you may be better served in this instance by using another pharmacy.

*Free prescriptions for fully funded medicines only – no $5 standard subsidised prescription charge will apply. Other charges relating to specialist’s or dentist’s prescriptions may apply. ‘Special foods’ may incur a delivery fee. For 1-3 meds normal prescription fees may apply, free shipping for 3 meds or more.

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