FFP2 NR Face Masks, 20 pack *MULTIBUY DEAL*

New shipment just in! This quality FFP2 Face Mask meets the EUROPEAN respiratory standard. Class FFP2 NR. YDE2. Standard: EN 149:2001+A1:2009. For bulk orders please contact our team directly.



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Surgical Grade Face Masks, 50 pack

Surgical Face Mask. Meets safety standard: EN14683 Type IIR. Three layer security, with ear loops. Filter rating: BFE99+ Hypoallergenic.

RATs (Rapid Antigen) Test MOH Approved, 5 pack *MULTIBUY DEAL*

Our second shipment of RATs Rapid Antigen Test, Ministry of Health approved, has just arrived in and the price has come down! Healgen/Orient Rapid COVID-19 Antigen Self Test, 5 Pack.

Detects the following Omicron variants: BA. 1, BA. 2, BA. 3, BA. 4, BA. 5, XD and XE (XE & BA. 4 have now arrived in NZ).

Important to have on hand for peace of mind. Order today, for speedy delivery to your door. For bulk orders contact our team directly.





New shipment just in!

Class FFP2 NR. YDE2. Standard: EN 149:2001+A1:2009. This face mask meets the EUROPEAN respiratory standard.

Background Information: particulate respirator face masks are identified by which international regulatory standard they meet. This FFP2 Face Mask meets the European respiratory standard:

FFP2 is the European respiratory standard
N95 is the United States respiratory standard
KN95 is the Chinese respiratory standard
P2 is the Australia/New Zealand respiratory standard

For non-medical use.

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