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Common Foot Problems

9 Common Foot Problems & How To Treat Them

9 Common Foot Problems & How To Treat Them It’s almost time to put on the jandals and head on down to the beach to enjoy the relaxing summer season. However, kicking off the shoes could mean revealing existing foot issues you rather wouldn’t, or even opening your feet up to a range of additional

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Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Irritable Bowel Syndrome Gastrointestinal issues such as bloating, cramping, loose bowel movements and constipation are something to just put up with. For many the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome are a disruptive part of daily life. Irritable bowel syndrome otherwise known as IBS is a common condition which affects approximately 1 in 7 New Zealanders.

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Holiday Delays

ZOOM Pharmacy: Avoid Holiday Delays

ZOOM Pharmacy: Avoid Holiday Delays Another year has flown by! The holiday season is once again almost upon us. As always our pharmacy team is working hard to make sure ZOOM Pharmacy patients across New Zealand can focus on enjoying their holidays, not worrying about their medicines. During this busy time Medical Centres and couriers

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Sugar and Kidney Stones

Excess Sugar and Kidney Stones

Halloween Spotlight: Sugar and Kidney Stones For those of us with a sweet tooth Halloween is the perfect excuse to add a few bags of lollies to the weekly shop. Whether it’s finishing off the leftover candy at the end of the night or teaching your kids a valuable financial lesson with a ‘candy tax’

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Heart Attacks and Stress

Heart Attacks & Watching High Stakes Sport

Are Rugby Fans Putting Their Heart At Risk? This Sunday the All Blacks and South Africa will face off, in what is according to World Rugby Men’s Rankings the closest RWC final yet. There’s no doubt the game is going to be a stressful and exciting affair! A 2015 study looking at cardiovascular admissions in

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Dopamine: Boost Your Mind

Dopamine: Boost Your Mood

Dopamine: Boost Your Mood Do you find yourself lacking motivation, struggling to concentrate, or remain alert throughout the day? This could be your body telling you your dopamine levels are not as they should be. Let’s have a look at if supplements can help boost your mood. In this article we will look at what

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Premature and Early Menopause

Premature and Early Menopause

Premature and Early Menopause For most women between the ages of 45 and 55 years old menopause is a natural and expected biological process that marks the end of menstrual periods. When a woman has had no more periods for 12 months in a row, they have reached menopause. In New Zealand the average age

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Low Sperm Count

Low Sperm Count: Health Insights

Low Sperm Count: More Than Just Fertility Historically people worried about low sperm count have been faced with the uncomfortable process of going into a clinic as their only option. With the use of at-home testing, it is now more accessible, practical, and approachable to use sperm count as a measure of overall health. This can

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Measles: Symptoms, Treatment & Prevention

Measles: Symptoms, Treatment, and Prevention On the 26th of September 2023 Te Whatu Ora confirmed a second case of measles in Auckland in a week. The cases are unrelated, but both are linked to recent overseas travel. The person was as the following hospitals: North Shore Hospital emergency department – night of 22 September Waitakere

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Risk of Skin Cancer

Risk of Skin Cancer: Types and Signs

What is your risk of skin cancer? Did you know that New Zealand has the highest incidence rate of melanoma skin cancer in the world? Our location near the southern hemisphere means that New Zealand has naturally high ultraviolet (UV) light levels, putting us at more risk of skin cancer. Each year in New Zealand

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Our Top Skincare Products of 2023

Our Top Skincare Products For 2023

Our Top Skincare Products For 2023 With such wide range of skin conditions and products available to manage them it can be overwhelming to find what products stand out from the rest. That’s why we’ve put together this helpful list of our top skincare products of 2023.  Whether you need a moisturiser, exfoliant, anti-fungal cream,

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Seasonal Weight Loss

Seasonal Weight Loss: Diet, Medicines, Tips

Seasonal Weight Loss: Diet, Medicines and Tips After a cosy winter with plenty of comfort food and time stuck inside it’s understandable if you feel like you’ve gained some winter weight. Seasonal weight gain is actually very common! You may be considering the options of weight loss medication, low calorie diet (LCD) plans, and very

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